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The XPTC continuous chocolate TEMPERING units are machines for small productions. The objective of this unit is to give the chocolate the correct structure and crystallization of the cocoa butter both for its subsequent processing and to maintain that structure once the product has been solidified and packaged..


The feed pump installed inside the XPTC MACHINE feeds the product into the unit, which is equipped with rotating plates mounted on a main shaft driven by the main shaft motor. These plates are housed in independent double-jacketed compartments, through which chilled water circulates and must be supplied in a controlled and constant flow. This provides a very thin layer of chocolate that circulates between the plates and the compartment.

Since the XPTC TEMPERER is divided into different zones, and the temperature of each zone is thoroughly controlled, the cold is quickly transferred to the chocolate, causing Beta crystals to form and the chocolate to be tempered. The same circulation of the product provides the chocolate to the point of consumption, while the unused chocolate is returned to the warehouse to destroy the crystals and thus make the chocolate reusable without damaging it.


The design of the rotating plates allows all the chocolate particles to cover the same path, so the entire mass is treated uniformly, avoiding the risk of over-tempering or under-tempering. The precision of the treatment is guaranteed by temperature controls divided into three independent areas.


The compact and easy-access design facilitates the installation of the equipment and its maintenance. Flow regulation allows controlling the tempering time. The fact of using a single water circuit for cooling (work position) and heating (stand-by position) facilitates both control and maintenance, while reducing the time it takes to prepare the equipment for start-up.