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Coffe beans

The CXPL center-forming line makes centers that are most often subsequently coated with sugar and colorants. These centers can take on several forms, such as lentils, balls, coffe beans or almonds. The machine can moreover be adapted to produce specific centers to meet special client needs, restricted only by the logical limitations of the center itself.


The machine is available in two standard formats, with widths of 400 and 600 mm respectively, and has production capacities ranging from 80 to 300 kg/h, depending on the exact configuration and the type of center to be manufacturated. It consists of two internally cooled rollers that cause the centers to form when the liquid chocolate is likewise formed between each center, after which the whole mass is dropped onto a belt for cooling and sibsequent separation by means of a drum.
the web can be fully recovered for reprocessing.


The basis for the machine and its proper functioning obviously lies in the forming rollers. Both the material used to make them brass cast and their special internal design and the flow generated by the cooling liquid allow for maximum cold transfer to the roller surfaces, thereby ensuring optimum demolding of the chocolate centers


Within the natural llimits of its highly specialized function, this machine has the capcity to manufacture a wide range of products. Movabble forming head for incorporation into a existing lines. Line components designed to optimize efficency, flexibility and hygiene.