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The ball mill type BMXP is the most suitable units for a wet grinding process.  It is based on a double shaft for a production between 200 and 800 kg/hour, depending on the type of unit, incoming fineness and required outgoing fineness. 

The basic machine consists of a cast iron frame with a high resistance special treatment where the product grinding takes place. Special design of the double jacket screw-shaped, forces water circulation and improves dramatically the heat/cool transfer, thus optimizing the water use, flow and temperature ratios. The design of the grinding chamber in “8” shape and the use of a double shaft provides a much better proportion of chocolate in contact with the double jacket than the traditional “0” shape single shaft ball mills existing on the market.

Dimensions of rotating / grinding disks and shafts provide the most efficient relation between a high peripheral speed and a relatively slow rotation speed,with a consequently lower use of power and resulting energy saving. Easy dismounting of the shafts. The refiner disks can be extracted for good maintenance. The possibility of using a different range of balls diameters and the frequently controlled speed variation make this unit the most flexible one its kind.

Chocolate is fed from bottom to top basis. As the outlet of the ground product is open, there is no risk of over pressures. Grinding effect is achieved by the action of 4,5mm diameter balls pulled and pushed by the rotating disks. The disks are mounted on two parallel shafts, driven by a powerful motor with speed variation by frequency control.