This compact piece of machine is easy to install, start and operate. For each batch, it performs simultaneously grinds the cocoa, sugar and thoroughly blends the ingredients and refines them as required, in addition to conching the resulting chocolate mass.


The machine works by means of rotating blades that provide pressure against the inner wall of the working chamber. This working chamber is fitted with grooved sections, used by the rollers to mix and refine the product as required. The blades are moved by means of a meticulously designed reduction gear that enables maximum energy transfer with minimum consumption. The amount of pressure exerted by the blades against the grooved sections is determined by means of an electronically controlled and regulated hydraulic motor. The machine is fitted with a double-jacket for heating and cooling, as well as the corresponding resistances, controlled automatic cold water inlet and water pump to ensure an even distribution of operating temperatures.

UNIX 200
UNIX 500
UNIX 1000
UNIX 1500
UNIX 3000


Both blades and grooved sections are easy to remove and changeable. The control panel is equipped with a PLC to regulate the operating parameters, as well as enable diverse functions warnings and alarms. The machine is extremely easy to operate and offers easy access for cleaning and maintenance. It is suitable for the production of a wide range of manufactured products, such as chocolate, substitutes, compounds, pralines, special coating and fillings, as well as the recovery and recycling of rejects from other product lines

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