Tempering unit

The TEMPERING continuous chocolate units are the ideal preliminary step for moulding and coating processes. This unit's objective is to give the chocolate the right

cocoa butter structure and crystallization both for subsequent processing and for maintaining that structure once the product has been solidified and packaged.


The feeding pump set up in front of the TEMPERING feeds the product into the unit, which is equipped with revolving plates mounted on a main shaft driven by the main shaft motor. These plates are housed in independent double-jacketed compartments, through which circulates chilled water that must be supplied in a controlled, constant stream. A very thin layer of chocolate is provided to circulated between the plates and the compartment. Since the TEMPERING is divided into different zones, and the temperature of each zone is controlled exhaustively, the cold is quickly transferred to the chocolate, causing Beta crystals to form and the chocolate became tempered. Same product circulation provides chocolate to consumption point, while unused chocolate returns back for destroying the crystals and thus making the chocolate reusable without harming it.


The design of the revolving plates allows all chocolate particles to cover the same path, so the entire mass is treated uniformly, avoiding the risk of over tempering or insufficient tempering. The precision of the treatment is ensured by temperature controls split into four independent areas, the last of which reaches all the way to the consumption point.


The unit is designed as single bloc, so parts are easy to access. the fact that it uses a single water circuit for cooling (working position) and heating (stand-by position) facilitates both control and maintenance while reducing the unit’s warm pump.

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