The “TXPK” is designed as a device to cut cocoa liquor blocks into smaller pieces

The “TXPK” is usually located on top of a cocoa liquor melting tank. The location allows the pre-cut of small pieces of solid cocoa liquor to fall into the melting tank. 


The cutting mechanism consists of 2 rotary axles, which are arranged to run independently of each other. Each axle has a 5.5 kW motor reducer and is fitted with a set of 15 knives – ie total of 30 knives This cutting system is made of stainless steel – and is of a very robust construction with the ability to cut

whole solid cocoa liquor blocks of about 20-30 kg (each) into small pieces.

The knives are arranged and held together to resemble a rotary cutting tool with pointy-ended cutting edges. 

The “TXPK” has a rated capacity of 14-15 solid cocoa liquor blocks per hour – each block being about 20-30 kg in weight. The overall output = 500-600 kg/h, depending on the rate of feeding of the blocks into the machine.

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